Love Games

The ‘Love Games’ E.P, Rusts’ second release of 2012, will be out on the 1st October through all major online music stores

The sound of Seventies MOR and Easy Listening, written and recorded in a hermitage by an English country musician, it’s

“a four-song symphony of stalker chic, a wonky pop-prog suite which takes it’s themes from drunken fanboy infatuation, Zooloander-esque narcissism, and sexual immorality”

The stats give a first impression that we have much of the same old Rusts clichés – with 75% of the song titles containing the word ‘love’, with the word being mentioned 58 times in the four songs (an above-average 14.5 times per song – we counted!).  You could be forgiven for expecting more of the same tales of heartbreak and loss which featured on the début album.

But, the new stuff assumes a more detached stance, discussing rather than wallowing in the themes of love, frustration, coupling, courtship and obsession.  The E.P. opener and title track laments the exasperating to-and-fro of the dating game, while Latin-tinged ‘Hipsters Get Married’ tells the tale of an impossibly thin-legged dandy trying to find love while near drowning in an infinitely inferior jean (sic) pool.

‘I’m in Love with Veronica Falls’ is a simple, immediate pop song about stalking indie starlets, and the closing track attempts to justify the preceding three slightly creep songs with the slightly more creepy justification ‘…if I am guilty of anything, then I am guilty of love’…. an argument that lacks validity somewhat when made in the guise of weird Balearic neo-prog chillout muzak, with harmonies by seventies MOR band America.  Some have said it sounds like “Pink Floyd exploring their South American side, with Shack and Cass McCoombs chipping  in to share notes.

Rusts are in rehearsal and will be playing live in the North West and London soon. You can pre order the EP now from the Rusts Bandcamp page and it will be available online via all the major, and minor music retailers.

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